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We provide a comprehensive, cost-effective one-stop solution. Speed jet is a service that operators can depend on – every time they fly. Providing  handling services supervision and lesion setup is one of our specialist .
We provide more hands for handling ensuring all our clients operations to go smoothly and on time. Our team of experienced and professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our teams watch full eyes your operations up to take off and ensuring the high Standard of service.  Our service standard has been approved by IATA, making your airplane is safe and secure.

The 24h Operations team manages all flight programmers in progress, keeping a watchful eye on departure and arrival times, weather patterns, airport slots and positioning flights.
The team is drawn from key areas of the industry including aircrew, ATC, flight dispatch, ground operations and international trip planning.
Its knowledge and qualifications keep pace with every change in company, regulatory and legislative requirements.
The result is an unrivaled breadth and depth of support for your flight department. And all at a competitive price – because we don’t outsource.

Speed jet aviation
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